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Biluim Israel

About Biluim Israel

Biluim Israel is the final phase of Canadian Young Judaea’s Leadership Training Programs. For over 50 years the program has provided a unique summer experience for seventeen year-olds, combining leadership development, seminars, nature hiking and touring. Named after the “Biluim” who settled Israel in the 1880’s, our “Biluimniks” explore varied Israeli lifestyles and at the same time discover their Jewish identity. The chanichim also experience the feeling of camp within the Israel setting.  

We have extended our Poland trip and will be travelling to Auschwitz, Krakow and Lodz.  We are very lucky that we will be accompanied by a Holocaust Survivor from Lodz who will share with the participants his story of sadness and triumph.  

Visit the Biluim Israel website to learn more or contact Risa Epstein at (416) 781- 5156 x225