Vancouver Programs

Western Region


Each year CYJ hosts a National Mifgash (meeting). Mifgash is a time to come together as a movement for a weekend to celebrate all that makes CYJ special. Enjoy social and fun programming, time to meet new friends and hang out with old ones, and observe shabbat CYJ camp style! Experience a whole summer of camp fun in just one weekend! This year CYJ is launching our first ever Western region Mifgash that caters to our Vancouver and Calgary participants, which will also be open to national participants. 

Dates: October 4-6, 2019

Location: Camp Hatikvah, Oyama BC


JOLT is Canadian Young Judaea’s flagship program for teen community outreach. JOLT stands for “Jewish Outreach Leadership Training.” During the year, JOLT partners with various organizations to give teens the chance to bring about positive change within the community. JOLT is available for teens from grades 8 through 10 and runs from September to the end of May.  By joining JOLT you will receive a minimum of 20 hours of community service at the end of the year, you’ll get the opportunity to engage in active, social causes, you’ll get to meet lots of new people and make new friends. In JOLT you not only feel rewarded for your effort, but you will have a ton of fun!

Alumim Programs

Alumim Programs are CYJ's premier youth programming! For future and present campers Chaverim is for participants between the grades of 1 to 5, Yedidim Programs are for participants grades 6 and 7. Participants in both age groups can expect some spectacular programming. Making new friends and spending time with friends from camp, as well as enjoying programs that range from social, Jewish, hands-on, and educational, is at the core of Alumim Programs. Past programs include: Hands on Exotics, Trampolining, Limo Scavenger Hunt, and our annual Chocolate Seder!

Manhigim Program

The Manhigim Program is our Staff in Training Program open to any CYJ participants who have graduated from the Biluim Israel program. Want to continue your CYJ career and be prepared to be staff at any of our amazing camps? Become a Manhig and expand your skills on programming, leadership, and relationship building. Get valuable skills that will help you not just in your staffing career, but outside of the camp world.